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What if you could ... do anything?

What if you weren’t afraid of other’s opinions, or of failing? What if you knew how to use your faith to face your fears and break through to success?

In What If You Could, Jackelyn Viera Iloff provides practical and powerful encouragement to help you:

  • Discover the authority and power of faith.

  • Destroy thoughts that attract what you fear.

  • Find freedom, joy, and comfort through faith.

  • Have courage beyond what you could ask or think according to His riches in glory!

  • Step out in faith with your whole heart.

Through story and biblical teaching Jackelyn shows how when we push through what we fear and step into faith, we can accomplish great things, and that can change everything! With God all things are possible. Don’t let fear keep you from your destiny!


  • Roma Downey
    "I believe this book will inspire you to turn away from fearbased thinking to live a life full of joy. Jackelyn brings God’s words to life through her stories and insights."
    Roma Downey
    Actor, producer, and president of LightWorkers Media
  • Reverend Cathy Duplantis
    "I know What If You Could? will be an encouragement and free many people to succeed in life."
    Reverend Cathy Duplantis
    Editor-in-chief of Voice of the Covenant magazine, television co-host, and senior pastor of Covenant Church, greater New Orleans
  • Jerald Broussard
    "Jackelyn Iloff ’s book, What If You Could?, presents an understanding of faith in a simple, straightforward expression that will bring you to the core understanding of faith and how to appropriate it. I was struck at how many times I read something I already “knew,” but it resonated in such a way that it refreshed my spirit and comforted my soul. As you read this book, it’s important to understand this is not a theoretical effort. I’ve known Jaceklyn for many years—this is how she lives her life."
    Jerald Broussard
    Managing director, Growth Advisors International, LLC
  • Joe Battaglia
    "I love the title of this book, What If You Could? It communicates so eloquently how a faith-centric life can withstand the onslaught of the fear that permeates our personal and national narratives—a fear that has become the grid through which many people interpret how they live their lives. With keen biblical insights and personal stories, my friend, Jackelyn, helps illumine how a practical faith, centered on God’s Word and obedience, is the antidote to this obsession. Read this book! And release fear’s grip on your life!"
    Joe Battaglia
    President of Renaissance Communications and author of The Politically Incorrect Jesus
  • Reverend John Gray
    "Jackelyn Viera Iloff has given us a blueprint, a personal manifesto that is so needed for those of us who have at one time or another been hamstrung by fear. I encourage you to not just read this great book, but sit with it, internalize it, and then apply its lessons to achieve the dreams God has in His heart for you."
    Reverend John Gray
    Associate pastor, Lakewood Church, Houston, Texas
  • Dodie Osteen
    "What If You Could? is a tremendous help in reminding us that God is there to help us in all that we undertake to do. Fear stands in the way, but faith in God causes us to excel and have peace. I salute you, Jackelyn, for a job well done!"
    Dodie Osteen
    Cofounder of Lakewood Church, Houston, Texas
  • Peter Irvine
    "Jackelyn has written a timely book for such a day as this. There is so much news and information around to create fear, but we find her sharing about finding faith in the face of fear. The stories she tells revolve around confronting fears but not on your own. Jackelyn has seen that when God calls us to do something, we need to trust Him because He has the best in mind for us. Be inspired and encouraged to see God take the “impossible” and turn it into the “I’m possible” by immersing yourself in this book and in the thirty-day faith-building verses."
    Peter Irvine
    PhD, author, speaker, and cofounder of Gloria Jean’s Coffees Australia
  • Jay Sekulow
    "Jackelyn Viera Iloff ’s book, What If You Could? Find Faith in the Face of Fear, is sure to be an encouragement to those seeking a real faith that can overcome real fear. Jackelyn shares unique insight that is sure to reach those seeking a faith-filled life. This book is a must-read."
    Jay Sekulow
    Chief counsel, American Center for Law & Justice
  • Gabrielle Allen
    "What If You Could? breaks down what it means to live in faith with unwavering clarity. As I read it, I experienced inexplicable tears, followed by gales of laughter and joy. I faced past sorrows, I welcomed forgiveness into my heart, I let go of crippling doubts, and I looked my “fears” straight in the eye. I felt grace, love, and connection—all more strongly and deeply. This book is an unfettered account of all that God needs us to understand about faith. The question “What is faith, and how do I live it?” is more meaningful than “What is the purpose of my life?” As when we understand and embrace faith, the purpose of our life is illuminated. What If You Could? is one of the most practical and spiritually empowering books of the last decade."
    Gabrielle Allen
    Film and television producer, director, marketing and media strategist, entrepreneur, speaker, and philanthropist
  • Kathleen Cooke
    "Fear strangles our lives, and we’re often caught in its web without even realizing it. That’s why Jackelyn Viera Iloff ’s new book, What If You Could? Finding Faith in the Face of Fear, challenges our thinking about what’s holding us back and shows us a powerful escape route. What are you waiting for? Read it today! You’ll never be the same again."
    Kathleen Cooke
    Cofounder of Cooke Pictures and The Influence Lab; author of Hope 4 Today: Connecting with God in a Distracted World
  • Phil Cooke
    "There’s no question that fear is the greatest obstacle for millions of people, and it’s holding them back from discovering their ultimate purpose in life. That’s why Jackelyn Viera Iloff ’s new book, What If You Could? Find Faith in the Face of Fear, is so timely and important. I’ve known Jackelyn for decades, and she’s one of the boldest people I know. Her confidence is remarkable, and it has opened amazing doors in her life. So if you’re hesitant to seize the moment, fearful of the future, or simply nervous about your next step—this book is for you. You’ll never look at your future the same way again."
    Phil Cooke
    PhD, filmmaker, media consultant, and author of One Big Thing: Discovering What You Were Born to Do
  • Joel Osteen
    "Jackelyn is living proof that if you reach out to God in your time of worry, He will replace that spirit of fear with one of power and love and bring you to the destiny that He has planned for your life."
    Joel Osteen

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About the Author

Jackelyn Viera Iloff is a senior advisor and minister at Joel Osteen Ministries/Lakewood Church. She oversees the office of special projects and is responsible for envisioning and directing the outreach initiative Generation Hope Project, which focuses on community service and ministry around the country. She has an extensive background in public affairs, marketing, and economic development. She often speaks to church groups on networking, women’s leadership, and entrepreneurship. She, her husband, and two daughters reside in Houston Texas.

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